20 May 2008

Economic De-generation

Scottish Borders Council is advertising to appoint an 'Economic Development Manager' salaried at £40,233 - £43,074, with two subordinate 'Principal Officers' at £33,373 - £35,904. Together with their pensions, national insurance, office space and other costs, these posts represent an annual cost to Borders taxpayers - and therefore the Borders economy - of at least £150,000. And that's before whatever budget it is they will be in charge of.

There's no evidence that economic regeneration policy by government boosts the economy at all - ceretainly not at the local council level. What can they possibly do with their money that would be more productivly spent than if left in the private sector? How can they possibly assume they know how Borderes should spend their money better than they do themselves?

Presumably thier budget will be spent on subsidising various business activities or providing services. Who can tell whether these are worth it, or if they wouldn't be undetaken anyway without help?

Surely the lesson of the last century is that governments are bad at economic activity. Has SBC never heard of the USSR?

That £150,000 is pure waste, taken out of hard pressed families' budgets. Economic de-generation more like!


Richard Havers said...

Spot on Tom. They really don't get it do they? The idea that these people can actually make a difference to our economy is actually frightening, not because of what they may or may not do, but that our administration actually think that they can.

Then again what do Scottish Borders Enterprise do? Its debatable that they make any significant difference in our economy and all this is likely to cause is an outbreak of turf wars.

Violet said...

Now, now gentlemen - why these complaints? Surely you know that the great minds which preside in Council HQ know best.

Having saved lots of 'dosh' by down-grading council staff (not, of course, important people like chief executive), cutting school budgets and other frontline services, they now have a spending spree expanding their little empire.

I wonder if these posts were in the budget passed so recently by the Council.

Also, please note, they had money to spend on a vacuous survey which asks brainless questions of the unsuspecting population. BUT, we are being consulted - too bad the council are in charge of deciding what we're consulted about.

When is the revolution happening - I can't stand much more!!!