09 July 2008

The Hypocrisy of Wind

All we ever hear from the renewables industry and the Scottish government is how building windfarms is good for Scotland's economy; how they boost jobs, bring untold wealth into Scotland. Well how do they explain what's happening here in the Lammermuir Hills. Work is about to begin on the extension to the Crystal Rig II wind farm. The 51 turbine site will create one of the largest windfarms in Europe when it's added to the existing Crstal Rig turbines. The company that owns the wind turbines is Fred Olsen Renewables, a Norwegian company, and they've awarded the £16.5 million contract for the infrastructure to a Welsh civil engineering company.


Violet said...

Surely the point of windfarms is to allow politicians to mislead the public. They tick all the boxes - save the planet, boost the economy, create jobs. Wonderful for the politicians who, of course, are not going to advertise the fact that the jobs will be created in Wales, the economy will be boosted in Norway, and the windmills won't save the planet anyway.

A similar situation seems to exist in Earlston where it seemd is if the school was being built by the Irish, benefiting the local cafe and B&Bs.

Anonymous said...

I find your last comments offensive. It may be best if you rephrased or removed it.

It should also be noted that the "point" of windfarms is not to allow politicians to mislead the public. Windfarms provide benefits to the UK as a whole, and surely benefits are better than doing nothing?